Wool Wins!


Even though I have been hiking for a good part of my life (40 years), I have never considered wearing anything but cotton socks for my adventures. When the temperature started climbing earlier in the week and the usual hot spots reappeared, I figured that it might be time to try something new. For me the pattern is the same. As my feet sweat, they became soaked and it feels as though I am walking in a puddle of water. And this is when it isn’t raining!

As I could pretty much predict, as they became soaked from my sweat, they bunched up and it  just became very uncomfortable to hike.

So when I got home I did a little investigating, read several articles and ended up at Amazon looking for wool socks. Now I know that anyone reading this is probably thinking that I am a little late to the game on this one (and you’re right), but in the past I could never justify paying what they wanted for wool socks. What a mistake….

I settled on the MERIWOOl 3 pack Merino Wool Blend socks.

What an eye opener! Even as I slipped on them on for the first time yesterday, I knew that I had been missing something. Soft and comfortable, it literally felt like I was putting gloves on my feet. Yesterday’s 6 mile hike had rain, lots of sweat, and plenty of walking through wet grass and stepping in puddles, sometimes up to the top of my boot. I know that if I had been in my usual cotton socks, my feet would have been in agony. But they weren’t. These socks didn’t bunch up at the toes, really get wet from the rain, puddles or sweat and kept my feet comfortable the entire hike.

Needless to say I am now a believer. I will never, ever wear cotton socks hiking ever again. Ever…


5 thoughts on “Wool Wins!

  1. ren

    When I lived in northern Michigan, I had always ‘intended’ to get wool socks for hiking. Never did though. They Wick away the moisture. You discovered how comfy they are.
    Since then, I have learned about hemp socks and the many benefits, including helping the planet. They also are expensive, but like with the wool, you get what you pay for.
    Thanx for sharing this.

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      1. ren

        Hemp is amazing! anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-mildew, etc

        And I have discovered, in today’s world of cotton, we want organic cotton. Makes a big difference in quality.


      2. ren

        If you get a pair of hemp socks, you could do a ‘guest hemp product review’ post for my Hempren blog. I would be grateful. Just a thought.


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