(Summer) Morning

“It was a splendid summer morning and it seemed as if nothing could go wrong.”

-John Cheever

“In summer, the song sings itself.”
~William Carlos Williams

One of the things that I love the most about summer is being able to mow the lawn. Most people dread this weekly chore, but for some reason I have always found a certain comfort in the simple act of walking back and forth with my trusted mower. Strange? Perhaps. But it is a whole lot cheaper than going to a therapist.



5 thoughts on “(Summer) Morning

  1. lorriedeck

    My husband is the same way, he loves cutting the grass, but he uses riding mowers and tractors. (We have a LOT of grass.) When he was 7 years old his parents punished him by telling him he was not allowed to use the riding lawn mower for a week. He thought them punishing him my not letting him mow the grass was beyond mean.

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