Movin’ And Groovin’ With Star Kitchen

star kitchen

I decided today that needed another look and sure enough, I found another gem that definitely deserves a look for all of you folks who are into jamming.  StarKitchen, a side project of the Disco Biscuits bassist Marc Brownstein, started its first tour a few months ago and I found myself listening to a show from this past weekend.

Even just into the first two minutes of the first song, Star Kitchen at Nublu in NYC had me moving and grooving on my couch. From the very start, the mixture of the organ and guitar trading off lengthy solos made it really difficult to sit still. And even though I can really get into the guitar solos, the rhythm guitar during the organ solos was really, really tight.

Full of funk, this band knows what it’s doing. The segues between songs are seamless and each of the jams proved to be exploratory in their own right. No useless noodling of scales here.  Along with that came the spacy guitar jams even before the first set ended. Usually, the mind-expanding jams are left for the second set of a show. These guys jump right into every song and give each one everything they’ve got. Hopefully, this band will continue to tour and if you get chance, go see them. At the very least check them out on, you will not be disappointed.



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