The other day I walked into my daughters room and her rabbit was sitting there minding her own business. All of a sudden, she just flopped on her side and laid there, not moving.

Horrified, I immediately thought that I had just witnessed the end of our beloved bunny. Thankfully I could see her breathing so instead of panicking, I took a picture. Shortly after taking this photo, I got on my laptop and Googled “Why did my rabbit just flop on its side?”

Expecting the worst, I was incredibly surprised to learn that this was actually a good thing. Here is what the internet says: Very relaxed rabbits will roll onto their sides or even on their backs. A favorite way to do this is to first twist one’s head sideways, then fling the rest of the body into line so that the feet fly out to the side. This is called a “flop” and indicates a very happy bunny.”


This is one awesome bunny!!!!

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