The start…

The wood has sat on my porch now for six months. Through the wet days of spring and into the hot summer, it sat and waited, each piece cut to the exact specifications that I had found after many hours of trolling the internet. As summer morphed into fall, it continued to call out to me and I felt a renewed urgency returned to just get this thing done! But procrastination, as it always seems to do, had firmly entrenched itself in every being of my soul.

But today was the start of a new day. With the help of my daughter, I was able to assemble what you see in the pictures in just a couple of hours. Tomorrow, I’ll put the remaining boards in place and the start the staining process.


It’s way to cold to work outside so the living room becomes the work area!




Almost finished.

More to come!


4 thoughts on “Finally…

      1. ren

        I love working with wood! Probably for the same reason you say you are now enjoying it – stress release – I had never thought of it like that. I would walk the woods for my love of nature (stress release). Kind of like you do, right? It is a whole new world, when one hikes. All is well here, thanx.

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  1. The Zen Hiker Post author

    Yes! I know that the one time when I am guaranteed peace is when I am hiking. I am also finding the same now when I am building things. From the research as to what I am going to build to actually getting it done gives me the stress release that I need. I put on some music and focus on what I am creating!



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