Facebook and Politics

When  first heard of Facebook, I thought it would be a great way to reconnect with the people who I went to high school with, served in the Marine Corps and have just met over the years. And for the most part it has pretty much it has been a good experience. It has been wonderful seeing the careers that my friends have chosen, the families they have and the accomplishments they have celebrated over the years.

But Facebook has now become a cesspool of negativity and hate. I am speaking about both sides of the political aisle. The vile, negative and ridiculous things that are posted most often times make people look (I’m sorry) like idiots.

The bottom line is this-Yes, for those on the left, we know you don’t like Trump. But now you  have to get over the fact that Hilary lost. You cried and screamed for eight years that the right did nothing to help Obama. So now you do the same thing you accused the right of doing? That is hypocrisy at its best.

For those on the right, we know you didn’t like Obama and Hillary. You did your best to obstruct everything that Obama did. Expect the same with Trump. If you think otherwise then you might be a little delusional.

With all of that said, we all have to find a way to better discuss politics. Most of what I have seen written about Obama & Trump is just hateful and stupid. If you choose to post this material then you are acting in an irresponsible and intellectually dishonest manner.

My thought then is this-Let’s get Facebook back to where it used to be. I would much rather read about how your kid got all section in basketball or how they made the honor roll. We all know how much you hate Trump and Penceand we all know how much you hate Obama and Hillary. For those on the left, get over it, you have to deal with Trump for at least four years. We don’t need you to remind people every single minute of every single day. On the right, we don’t need people to be reminded every minute of every single day about how bad Obama and Hillary where.

If people don’t like my idea and continue to with the negativity, I’ll just not have you as a Facebook friend. I’ll certainly miss you, but I refuse to waste another second on hate and negativity, whether it be on the left or right. You certainly have the right to post whatever you want, but those of us who choose to be just a little bit more positive have the right to ignore it.

I certainly hope that you will join me!


6 thoughts on “Facebook and Politics

  1. AprilEsutton

    I have blocked so much material on FB that the only thing left is puppies, kittens, and babies. That is pretty much all my family will Post! Most of the posts are of their puppies, kittens, and babies, so I kind of like it. This too will pass.

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  2. Barb Knowles

    This is all so crazy on Facebook now. For a long time I stayed pretty much out of politics on Facebook. You don’t change anyone’s minds ranting and raving. You don’t change anyone’s mind where politics are concerned at all. Then after the election, I literally cried and posted what I can only describe as verbal diarrhea on Facebook, pouring out my feelings. For like 3 days. It was insane.
    Now I quick stop by on fb daily, but don’t scroll like I used to. Content now seems like memes, some of which are hysterically funny, and then political rants that can be cruel and insulting. I’m so sick of it, that I have chosen to take a few days break from social media in general (except checking on my blog). I feel wrung out and don’t want to listen to anyone from any side. This election has been emotionally exhausting for everyone, I think.
    So, Mike, even though I was to blame for adding to the fb craziness after election night, I agree with you. Facebook has changed and just doesn’t interest me much anymore.

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    1. The Zen Hiker Post author

      After this post and a similar plea on facebook itself, I allowed about twenty four hours to see if anyone bothered to heed my call. Nope. I was defriended by one person and I defriended four people. I am with you. I can’t listen to either side anymore. I am just mentally exhausted.

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      1. Barb Knowles

        I was in the city today visiting my son. I listened to an audio book on the train down, but tried to read the news on the way home. Sick to my stomach. Back to media blackout. I posted Steve’s and my photo on Facebook and checked to see who read my blog, lol, and who liked our photo. Then logged out. Facebook is no longer my cup of tea.


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