Room 337…

“Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

-Jack Torrance

I am in Glens Falls, NY enjoying the weekend at my daughters hockey tournament. For the past few year we have braved the cold and the elements to journey three hours north for some hockey excitement! Usually we stay at the Marriot, which is about 15 minutes from both of the rinks, but this year they decided to stay closer to the rinks to cut down on driving time. So here we are at the Queensbury Hotel.

I am trying to remain positive, but as soon as I walked in the entrance my first thought was, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” I thought I was at the Overlook, the hotel from the movie The Shining. If twin girls had walked around the corner, I’m pretty sure I would have dropped dead right there. That’s right, word has it that this hotel is haunted. And here we are on Friday the 13th with a full moon in a haunted hotel. Luckily, we didn’t get stuck in room 237. Instead, we are in room 337. You can’t make this stuff up! Anyway, I thought that I would share some photos of the hotel with you.


Not room 237 but close enough to freak me out, (a little).


Can’t you picture little Danny riding his big wheel down the hall??




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