If you’re looking for something to do next weekend, you can’t beat this one with a stick…




Located approximately one and a half hours from where I live in Mahopac, NY is one of the finest used bookstores that you will ever find. Tucked away in sleepy Hillsdale, NY, Rodgers Book Barn has been a destination of choice for bibliophiles since 1972. I know that I have been a regular visitor (3-4 times per year) since 1991 and have yet lost my desire to return year after year to see what has been added.

This out of the way gem reportedly has 50, 000 books, a claim that would be very hard to dispute, unless of course you decide that you want to count every book. Just check out the pictures of the interior that I have posted! The beauty of the Book Barn lies not in the fact that they have so many books, it is instead the layout of the Barn that promotes an atmosphere where it is ok to spend hours browsing the varied and eclectic titles that the owner, Maureen Rodgers offers. Although used, the books are all in pretty good shape and are only a few dollars a piece (at a maximum).


IMG_8164IMG_8168IMG_8170Just to let you know in advance,  at the very least you will buy several books during your visit. I have found that it is impossible not to do so, and you will not be disappointed. From classics that you read twenty years ago to a new find, Rodgers Book Barn has books that you won’t find anywhere else. If the weather is nice, as it was when we went yesterday, you can hang out at one the tables outside of the Barn and peruse your purchases! A win-win all around.

IMG_8182.JPGFor those of you who hike, I am also currently investigating several hikes in the area so you could do double duty and make a full day of it. Rain or shine, what could be better than a hike and an excellent used bookstore? Check back later for more details.

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